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About C-U, Rules, & More!

:bulletblue:Hi there!:bulletpurple:
Welcome to Characters-United.


Characters-United was made for everyone to submit and share their characters. The characters range from characters people have made for the their original stories/books to fanmade/roleplaying characters to just about anything such as a character only to be drawn and used once. Even fanfics and original stories, too! Animals, anthros, monsters, aliens, and more are all accepted, also!

Classifications for the the Gallery/Favorite folders are after the rules. c:

We accept ALL deviant-made characters and stories.
So even if you think your work isn't the best, we'll still take it (:

For now, we will allow characters that aren't deviant made to be submitted, such as anime characters, etc, as long as they're somewhat directly involving a deviant-made character.

If you would like to suggest another collection/submission folder in the favorites or gallery, please :note: br0k3nrainb0w.


Once the group gets a little more active, we may hold contests.

We are looking for deviants who would like to help br0k3nrainb0w draw/create contest prizes.
For those who want to help, the art needs to be somewhat clean looking. You need to try your absolute best because we'll be giving your art as a prize and we don't want our winners to be disappointed.

More to come!

Anyone can join! c:
Requests are accepted automatically c:


Just like most groups, there are a few rules and guidelines to follow. Don't worry, there just a few simple things c:

-Submit submissions into the gallery or suggest them into the favorites. c:
If you have any ideas for the group, :note: the creator, please.

:bulletwhite:Go to the deviation page and hit the submit-to-group button on the right side, then select the gallery folder you want the deviation in and hit submit.
What you've submitted will then go into a vote by admins to be submitted into the group(:

-Submit submissions under the right folder in the favorites, please.
If someone happens to submit it under the wrong folder, we'll kindly ask you to submit it to the appropriate one.

-Please make sure the artwork is not stolen. We don't appreciate stolen artwork.

-Be nice to other members. Bullying will not be taken lightly. If someone is bullying or messing with you, notify the admins, and they'll look into the matter.


:bulletpurple:Classifications for Gallery folders::bulletpurple:
(This is to help you if you don't know where your character goes. If you still have any questions, don't be afraid to ask. c: )

-Character Bio Sheets- This is where you'll post completed bio sheets for your character.

-Fanmade OCs- OCs for an anime, manga, tv show, etc. go here.

-Character Bio Sheet Memes and Fill-outs- This is for blank fill-outs so others can complete a bio/info sheet for the character.

-Original Story Characters- This folder is not for fanmade OCs. Characters that you yourself have made that you have story background and possibly an original story(not a fanfic)(think more like original book, novel, etc you've written yourself) go here.

-One-Time-Only Characters- Characters you plan on using only once go here. Meaning these characters will most likely never have a story, etc. to go with them. It's okay if you end up changing your mind later and they do end up being involved in a story, but let us know. (:

-Anthros and Animals OCs- This is just like the fanmade OCs, except it's for Anthros and Animals (:

-Anthros and Animals Original Story Character- Same as Original Story Character, but for A&As (:

-Manga & Comics- This is for Manga or Comic pages you've created for your characters. Can be for any kind of character.

-Original Stories- This is for stories/chapters that you've written yourself and are for your characters and are not fanfics. They're not made for any existing anime, tv show, movie, etc. (:

-OC Fanfictions- This is for stories you've made for an anime, manga, tv show, movies, cartoon, etc. Must have your OC in them. We won't accept any stories that only involve characters from whatever you're fic is from.

Have a great day, everyone! c:

Group Info

Hello there! Characters-United is made for everyone to submit and share their characters. The characters range from characters people have made for the their original stories/books to fanmade characters to just about anything such as a character you've only drawn once.

We accept all deviant-made characters. c:

Characters-United wants you ;D
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Jul 5, 2012


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Hello, guys! br0k3nrainb0w here!

I am so sorry that it has taken me a year to get this update out. Please accept my apologies!

I've scoured through the group and you guys have been doing an amazing job at sorting your artwork, and, as always, all of your artwork has been super amazing! :D

This past year has been super hectic for me, but I will do what I can to stay active. I start college in the fall so... >_<

I have an important update that regards my main dA account. Due to issues(read my latest journal here--> Boom. ), I have made a new main account and will be using that more frequently. ( ToxiikRose ) I'm telling you this because I don't want any of you to freak out when you see that account name instead of this one.

If I think of anything else, I will post it later! Thank you, guys, for everything and for supporting this group! (:

~Rose <3

This next bit is for anyone new to the group!(copied from the last journal)

I love you guys and all, but you really need to pay attention what folders you are putting your artwork into. Some of y'all are putting your original characters that you draw constantly into the 'One-time Only' folder. That folder is for characters that you will never, ever draw again or make a story for or use as an OC for some fandom.
And then some of you are putting your characters into the bio-sheet folder which is for characters that have a biography or something like that attached to it.
I'm not angry, just a little miffed that some of y'all aren't paying attention. I am going through everything and moving it where it needs to go, but I'd appreciate some effort on y'all's part to notice where your art is going. This is going to the MODS of this group, too, because y'all need to set an example.
If you're confused, just ask. (: I don't bite! I promise! c:
More Journal Entries

Gallery Folders

Anthos and Animal OCs
Original Stories








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thx so much! ^_^
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can you invit ~deathbeastkitty
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A friend of yours? Everyone is accepted here but remember, we only do OC's.

So I'll look in her profile and she if she does.
sSflowerSs Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013  Student Digital Artist
she dose have an oc :D
GuessStar Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013
Okay then.

I'll do what I can.
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You're welcome, Mi-chan! (:
GalvatronLikesPonys Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2012  Student General Artist
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Hehe c:
How have you been?
I'd text you, but my phone is screwed up and I can't even open my messages. P:
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GuessStar Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2012
You are welcome to Characters-United, we are glad to have you. Feel at home with the others.

As the name implies, we deal with your OC's. So show us your wonderous OC's.
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